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I wish I was funny, instead I'm fat, single and ready for a pringle.
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Anonymous said: Fun fact fag means cigarette in England


Fun fact: the reason that a cigarette is called a fag is that it’s a burning stick. LGBT men are called fag because they were burned with the kindling because being burnt on the cross was too good for them! So it’s still not good to call a cigarette a fag. :) hope that clears it up for you. What a FUN fact!

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen a sjw post. I’m glad it doesn’t have many notes. When people call cigarettes fags it has no connection to the slur. Just like pork faggots.

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good luck to everyone who has school soon but your sleeping schedule is wrecked beyond repair

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I suck dicks off! #missprada

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“Obviously I’ll never be in anything with the commercial success that Harry Potter has but then again neither will anyone else.”

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